27% of Britons regularly ‘hide’ in the toilets at work to pass time

Toilet-related time wasting activities in the office are costing UK businesses more than they may realise, according to www.ukbathrooms.com, who polled 1,791 Britons aged 16 and over in full-time employment, in order to find out more about the toilet habits of Britons when in the workplace.

Those taking part were asked, ?Do you ever ?hide? in the toilets during the working day?? to which 27 per cent of the Britons taking part replied ?yes?. When looking at the main reasons for doing so, 71 per cent claimed that they did so as a ?time wasting activity?, whilst 14 per cent did so to ?avoid certain colleagues/ clients.? And a shocking 57 per cent admitted they were likely to hide in the toilet to pass the time ?three times per working week.?

Expanding on this, all respondents who admitted to hiding in the toilets throughout the work day were asked to estimate how long, on average, they spent hiding each time. When taking all answers into account, the average length of time spent hiding in the toilets was ?8.6 minutes?.

The average working year consists of 46.4 weeks, so the average Briton therefore hides in the toilet at work 139.2 times a year. If each worker hides in the toilet for 8.6 minutes per visit, three times per week, then the average Briton spends 19.95 hours in hiding.

With the average salary being ?11.21 per hour, each ?loo hiding? Brit earns ?223.64 per year by hiding in the loos.

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