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3 ways to get your employees on your side

Brits are under significant workplace strain, with workers routinely pulling sickies to deal with stress. This is according to?new research??that states one in three employees think about quitting their job on a regular basis. So, to make sure that your employees aren?t?falling out of love?with you, the experts at Brighter Business advise implementing some of these playful engagement incentives to keep your staff happy and productive.

Get off to a good start

For new starters, it’s important to lay the foundations for a healthy and successful relationship by getting off to a great start – give your employees a proper welcome to your business.

Think less flowers, more small gestures: for example, a welcome card signed by the colleagues they will work most closely with is a thoughtful way to introduce them to their?new team. Going out for lunch together during their first week could also help them to settle in and get to know their colleagues.

Take them through your company values and explain to them why you think they?re a perfect fit to give them an extra confidence boost on their first day.

Treat them like noone else ever has

To keep your employees happy, it’s important to set yourself apart from the competition; what do you offer them that no other business can?

Little perks of the job?can help your employees feel like the relationship is something special, so be more give and less take; let your staff benefit from flexible working arrangements or early Friday finishes during the summer.

Whatever you do, don’t forget their birthdays! Treat them with a gift whether a small token or a large gesture like a guaranteed day of annual leave – to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work.

Frequent social events can help to develop strong relationships outside of work, building trust and improving teamwork across the board.

Show them you value them

To make your?employees feel appreciated, you have to make it clear that there is trust underpinning the relationship. Try not to micromanage them, or to create an environment in which they feel unable to express themselves that’s not the basis for a healthy or productive partnership.

Instead, take a more motivational approach everyone needs a little boost sometimes.

Equally important is not to?overload them?with work, or to make them do the jobs you don’t want to do. All good relationships are built on team-work, so make sure you share the burdens and celebrate each other’s good work at every opportunity.

Show your employees that you value their potential as well as their ability. Let them spend some time each week working on things which they find personally of professionally fulfilling; training, side-projects, and so on.

Giving them the freedom to focus on other projects demonstrates that you trust them to manage their own time and trust is a vital building block for any relationship.

Conor McArdle is content executive at Opus Energy’s platform for productivity and small business tips?Brighter Business.


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