3 ways to share your business story

As a business storyteller, I have more means than just a piece of printed material at my disposal to communicate clients messages. So, I thought I would share a few of these with you here are three effective ways you could tell your story:

1. Video and animation

Video is still relatively under-used as a marketing tool, but a video or animation can be powerful, particularly when it’s posted online. YouTube is visited by more than 800m unique users each month and it goes without saying that is a big potential audience. Plus, posts with the word video in them are shared 30 per cent more on Facebook than posts that do not.

Also, make sure to use your video or animation on your company website and make sure it links to your YouTube page, where you can further encourage your audience to browse other videos you have online.

2. Infographics

You may have some nuggets of pure gold in your company report but if it’s as weighty as a gold bar, whos going to read it Infographic design uses a mixture of illustration, pictures, icons, written stats and maybe a pie chart of two for good measure to turn a lot of information into something an audience can immediately get to grips with.

3. Social media

With a coordinated social media campaign a business can create a buzz around a new product or service, plus present itself to followers in a more rounded human way. Getting social media right can not only create brand recognition, it can create a lot of brand love. Of the brands that made it into the Social Brands 100 for 2013, 100 per cent are active on Facebook, 99 per cent on Twitter and 94 per cent on YouTube. If your story isnt being told on social media you’re probably missing out.

Shelley Hoppe is MD of Southerly.

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