4 alternatives to Silicon Roundabout

1. “Silicon Fen” – Cambridge 

Driven by local graduate talent and a multitude of science parks, Silicon Fen has a strong track record as a centre of technology and innovation. 

Tech firms in the area have a combined turnover of nearly ?12bn and emmploy more than 50,000 people. 

Many of the startups are spin-outs from Cambridge University, making use of the graduates’ expertise. The area is known for having a flexible labour market.

Major success stories include semiconductor companies ARM, now a multinational with revenues exceeding half-a-billion pounds, and CSR which took more than $1bn in 2012. 

The Cambridge Cluster Map catalogues more than 1,500 tech firms in the area. 

Although commercial rents are relatively high for a cluster outside of London, quality of life is considered to be high. A key benefit of being based in Silicon Fen is easy transport links into the capital. 

The Cambridge Network offers further info for companies operating or considering operating in this area. 

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