4 novel and brilliant approaches to guerrilla marketing

3. Light projection advertising

Light projection campaigns, driven by 3D-Mapping, CGI and the wealth of online resources available today, enable the delivery of creative visual content and information to multiple locations in high-traffic urban areas, inviting consumers to start a dialog with the advertised brand or cause. 

Real-time interactive projections not only capture the eye, but also engage a potential consumer’s attention.

4. Moss art

In case you haven’t noticed, green – both the idea and the color – has become a prevalent theme in today’s advertising culture. Taking green to the next level, DIY-ers and small-business owners have put to use a way of creating signage with moss. 

It’s the perfect match for farmers and retailers of organic products. After meticulously combining the necessary recipe, including clumps of moss, buttermilk, water, sugar and corn syrup, small business owners simply paint the blended material onto a wall. 

After waiting several days to a few weeks and spraying the painted area with water, moss lettering appears.

Patrick Walsh is the CEO of AirSign.

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