4: Simply Biz

Having started up, floated and sold his first company, DBS Management, for a stonking £75m, Ken Davy was hungry for more. So, in 2002, he founded Huddersfield-based Simply Biz, which provides compliance and business support to more than 5,000 IFAs across the country.

Simply Biz charges its customers a “cap and collar” monthly fee, ranging from £125 to £600, depending on the size of the business. Sales have jumped at an annual rate of 169 per cent to £7.5m. Davy expects next year’s turnover to be “north of £10m”. The secret of this company’s success” “Customer service,” says 66-year-old Davy, who left school the week before his 15th birthday. “We handle around 3,000 calls a month and we answer each one personally.”


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