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4 steps to using online marketing and social media to attract new business and sell products

By using content marketing strategies and social media means you can communicate to prospective clients that you are exactly what they?re looking for. The trick is getting them to see your message and not getting lost in a stream of tweets or Facebook posts.

1. Know what you are trying to say or sell to your customers

Delivering content about one service to then tweet about another service an hour later will confuse messages. Focusing on a particular product or service will increase the odds of the message reaching the target audience. Running dedicated service pushes over a period of time can ensure that you’re sending out the right message. Playing a long game will help gain the status that you are leaders in your field and you know what you’re talking about and, hopefully, lead to new business. 

2. Make a strategy and content plan

It is pointless sending out content sporadically and will also hinder attempts to monitor the engagement your content has produced. Being clear on your targets and goals will help you deliver relevant content to the right people and using tools such as Hubspot can help you identify who has engaged with your content, so you know who is interested and who to target in the future. 

3. Informative and attractive content 

Digital platforms allow us to use a variety of mediums to communicate and entice potential customers, so why not use them” By using video and photography your content will be more visual and is more likely to catch someone’s attention. Blogs are a great way of keeping potential customers informed of what the company has been up to or what new products have come in. Regularly blogging also keeps websites fresh and up to date which shows the company has a proactive attitude. 

4. Integrate your social media channels

For example, if you put something on YouTube, tweet about it and link to Facebook. This tactic ensures that your content reaches a wider audience and drives traffic to your website. Links and calls to actions increase engagement and can also be measured so you can see what is working and where there is room for improvement. You want to make your content as accessible as possible and using all the social media channels will increase the likelihood of getting in front of the right people. 

This being said, you shouldn?t bombard your audience by tweeting every two minutes. Nobody likes to be ‘spammed and there are better ways to make sure your messages are effective. Sending content out a peak traffic times, such as 13:00 for lunch and 17:00 for leaving work, increases the chances of your content being seen, and doesn’t seem ?pushy?.

Using these simple tactics can work wonders when trying to secure new business, in any sector. Thorough planning and monitoring will enhance your engagement and increase your chances of getting someone’s attention. Practice makes perfect, trial and error will always be a factor but creating a clear strategy will, more than likely, always produce results in the end. 

Anthony Tattum is the MD of Big Cat Group.

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