4 ways to boost your local visibility online

There is no better time than now to both evaluate current marketing tactics and implement new ones to reach your new, local goals.?

Below find the top four tips to help boost your local visibility this year.

1. Focus on Google

Through the myriad of online search engine options, Google still reigns supreme according to comScore, who found Google owning almost 68 per cent of the US search query volume last year.?

In order to appeal to consumers, business owners need to think like the consumer. For a great number of users, Google is the first and most important Internet resource with nearly 12 billion searches conducted each month. Implementing search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics as well as partaking in Google specific services helps place your business at the forefront of users? results pages.

Be aware that there are no shortcuts to getting a top ranking and it takes time for success to be achieved. SEO algorithms are constantly being adapted and altered to ensure the best and most relevant results are displayed in searches. Attempting to break the rules or ?beat the system? will most likely lead to negative consequences in the long run.

Top Tip: Think like the consumer. To achieve optimal SEO for Google, publish relevant and unique content with language your customers would use in their search. Create a clear navigation structure on your website and make sure that your website is easily accessible.

2. Use online business directories?

As we enter 2015, paper directories have become rather obsolete as consumers are drawn towards the more convenient medium of online directories.?

Special check-in services, social media directories, portal recommendations, and navigation services are just a few great ways to let the local community learn about your business.?

Not only does it boost local awareness, but being listed on several online directories positively impacts your SEO ranking. Consistency is key, be sure that details in each listing, like company name, address and description, are the same. Otherwise, Google will find it difficult to properly recognise your business and rank it accordingly.

Top Tip: Stay current. Ensure that your data in all directories is always current, complete and correct. Often free company listings will be overwritten by the directories themselves or, even worse, competitors.?

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