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4 ways to grow your business through events

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Hosting or speaking at an event will do more than just get you free food.

1. Build a community

During events or conferences, you not only build a direct connection with people, products and new trends, but also the whole business environment. After an event, people will naturally give their opinion about how they felt it went through social media, meaning a bigger chance of ranking high on Google search engine. And if everything goes as planned, it also means they’ll keep a watchful eye out for your next event. Not only that, events give you the chance to network. You’re more than likely to find potential partners, friendships and clients. After all, they’re there for you.

Attending events allows you to meet the key personnel in the business. Directly meeting up with the leaders of businesses is definitely desirable for your business, and offline events or conferences are the best opportunity to meet them.

A really good example of a ‘building community’ event, was Mind Candy’s event in February. They opened the doors to their offices, complete with Willy Wonka-esque slide, to say thank you to the whole tech community in supporting them to where they are today.

2. Increase brand awareness

Expos and conferences can be ideal places for creating brand awareness. Take part in various events, and encourage employees to get out there and give speeches. It would also be the ideal time to give out some of your branded products particularly pens and clothing so that participants leave the conference with a literal reminder of who you are. By sticking your logo to conference badges and all literature you can find, your brand will have a lasting impression!

Of course, no talk about brand awareness would be complete without social media. After all, every time someone shares your event on Facebook or Twitter, they’re showcasing your business. If someone tweets about your event 4.6 times, it results in a ticket sales, according to EventBrite.

The best way to find out how an event has increased your brand awareness is to start using your own hashtag and get it trending. If it has your brand included in it, then that’s even better. By using TweetReach, you can follow your hashtag to see how many accounts it reached. Another method is through tracking links. If you want to share your event with eight different blogs, then through tracking links you can see how many ticket sales and page views that connection received.

3. Becoming the go-to company

It’s a good strategy to position yourself from day one as someone who knows about the industry you’re in. Conferences and events are valuable marketing assets. Start at small events to introduce yourself and then work your way up to the larger events once you’ve gained experience and respect as a speaker.

Identify the events and businesses associations that matter in your industry and to your customers. Show off your knowledge! Make sure your presentations are as educational and non-promotional as possible. This will not only get people interested in your company, but raise its credibility as well.

4. Earning additional revenue

Earning additional revenue is a by-product of events. Depending on where your business is, it’s very logical that you’ve got skills and knowledge that other people can learn from and will, indeed, pay to listen to.

There’s always a lingering conversation about free events versus paid events. If you do more free events, you’ll get more people sign up, but you also have a lot more people drop out – that’s 50 per cent compared to the five per cent from paid events. So, it’s worth considering charging a little bit for tickets. Just remember that £100 is a little audacious unless you’ve got a pretty good speaker lined up.

Paid events do, however, require a lot more commotion and time to invest to cover thesocts required to hold the event.



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