43: Astbury Marsden

The past 12 months have marked a new stage of development for Astbury. Managing director Jonathan Nicholson led a management buyout of the recruitment firm in July 2007. Despite the credit crunch, which has led to a more pragmatic approach to hiring from the firm’s banking clients, Nicholson says the pipeline is encouraging. “In a more testing climate, less capable recruitment firms are going to be marginalised. The better people will be able to get their message across and charge good fees. There are plenty of fish still to be caught; you just need to know where on the riverbank to sit.” London’s pre-eminence as a financial centre has contributed to the group’s compound growth rate of 92 per cent over the past four years. “We introduced additional services lines – such as banking operations – into the business to allow us to maximise the London market,” he says.

Turnover is currently £18.3m. People – employees, as well as clients – are vital to Astbury Marsden’s ongoing success. Nicholson says his staff must have the right attitude. “If you expect to win, you’re more likely to be successful in business. People need to understand the biggest influence on the end game is them.”www.astburymarsden.com

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