HQUK founder Henry Goldenberg didn’t put up a penny to launch the online retailer. He explains: “Basically, we didn’t need to buy stock. From day one, we fulfilled orders for professional hair products from the shelves of our salon and the business grew from there.” Sales have grown 91 per cent during the past four years to now stand at £8.8m. Goldenberg expects turnover to hit £15m next financial year.

“The business has grown to an extent where beauty and skincare are now quite significant for us,” he says. Goldenberg is determined to create a good experience for the customer even though they’re shopping in a virtual store, and believes this is why HQhair.com has succeeded where others have failed. He is concerned, however, of a slowdown in growth should the market become saturated. “The internet is like the high street. I think a lot of the brand owners don’t understand that and may mistakenly over-supply into the sector.”


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