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“Total Waste Management Alliance (TWMA) has grown rapidly over the past few years as the demand for our services steps up throughout the world with the impact of new environmental legislation.” MD Ronald Garrick’s Aberdeen-based waste management, disposal services, welding and fabrication services firm is flourishing. Servingmostly the oil and gas industries, Garrick says his company’s expertise are in hot demand: “We have also found increased demand for industrial waste-management services such as recycling contaminated earth to clean it up and make it safe; and dealing with certain by-products of refinery processes. We are the first company to have the mobile technology to do so.” The company currently employs 330 people at UK locations including Peterhead, Shetland and new headquarters, Aberdeen. Internationally, the firm has operations in Egypt, Nigeria, Norway, Dubai, Libya, Malaysia and the US. Turnover has quadrupled from £6.1m in 2005 to £25.4m in 2008. Garrick’s ambitions for the business? “We are increasingly looking at ways to diversify and expect to employ 350 people by the end of 2009.”

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