45: Unanimis Consulting

Khalil Ibrahimi’s company– internet advertising specialist Unanimis – has grown 90 per cent during the past four years. Latest turnover is at £13.5m – a far cry from the days where Ibrahimi couldn’t even pay himself. “I ran up debts of £150,000,” he says.

He still owns 32.5 per cent of the business. The company employs 55 people in total, and Ibrahimi has plans to consolidate in the UK and grow the network in Western Europe. Unanimis is not just about business, though. The company is involved with charity Arrival Education. Ibrahimi explains: “We got involved to help disadvantaged kids aspire to something better. Their work experiences have tended to be stacking shelves in Sainsbury’s. It should be with lawyers, media companies and the like.”


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