£4m pumped into UK cyber defences

Cable said: “The growth of the cyber security sector in the UK is a great success story, worth over £6 billion and employing around 40,000 people. 

“Building a strong and resilient cyberspace in the UK is central to ensuring that our companies can make the most of business opportunities online, whilst avoiding potentially costly threats to the information they hold and the services they provide.”

Cable will speak at the first ever US-UK Global Cyber Security Innovation Summit, in London.

Andy Williams, an industry expert from technology trade association techUK, will champion the initiative, mandated to map cyber security businesses around the UK; encouraging collaboration between firms; and to act as a representative at events.

Dr Emma Philpott, managing director of cyber and technology catalyst Key IQ, will manage a further project to establish regional clusters of small companies to work on cyber security. 

Philpott said: ”The clusters we are helping to set up will meet monthly, be free to join and give their members an opportunity to network together and partner each other.”

These projects will be delivered through the Cyber Growth Partnership, a group of Government representatives, academic cyber security companies and trade bodies in the UK.

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