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5 easy steps to increase your sales now

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The sooner you and your team get comfortable with selling, the sooner you can go on to create expediential profits on a regular basis.

Selling does not have to be hard work and seeing it as fun can help to increase your profits as well as making you feel better.

Below are five easy tips on how to increase your sales now:

1. Learn to handle rejection
Learning to handle rejection is a BIG part of the selling process. People will say ?no” to you for a number of reasons. Some people may not be ready for your product/service, some people may think that they can’t afford it and some may be close to signing with one of your competitors. Everyone has a reason for not wanting to buy and your task should be to find out, and turn a ?no” into a ?yes?.

How do you do that” By listening and asking the right questions. Asking questions is essential in the selling process because it enables you to get to the root cause. Asking questions does not have to be aggressive, it can take place in a very conversational format. Once you get to the root cause it becomes easier to turn a ?no” into a ?yes” thus enabling you to close the sale.

2. Sell to existing customers
This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to increase your sales. If your existing clients love what you do and you have turned them into fans, they will more than likely be willing to buy from you again and recommend you to other people. A lot of business comes from repeat customers and this is the least time consuming way to generate sales. You won’t need to convince the person of what you can do because they would have experienced it firsthand.

Your job is to ensure that you have enough products/services to sell, the rest should be easy. Also ask your existing clients to recommend you to other people and offer them a discount if the person signs up. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase your sales.

3. Contact your existing database
As a rule, you should be emailing your database at least once every two weeks. A warm list, when used correctly, can be a sales goldmine. The people on the list will already be familiar with your brand and so your job is simply to create an irresistible offer.

Don?t bombard your database with offers every week as it could undermine the quality of your deals. Instead, choose your offering and the timing carefully so that they feel motivated to buy. Follow the offer with a time-sensitive, awesome deal that they would find hard to refuse.

4. Attend a networking event
No business owner should be stagnant. Networking on a regular basis should form part of every marketing strategy. Selling is based on knowledge, likeability and trust. What better way to build the likability factor than meeting your prospects in person.

Never try to close a deal at an event. Instead, take the time to listen to prospects and arrange to call them back at another time. People appreciate it when other people listen to them, it makes them feel valued and understood and it will also give you the opportunity to decide what product/service would suit them best.

5. Maximise your social media
Social media platforms are free tools that you can use to quickly increase your sales. The best way to increase your sales through social media is by building relationships with key contacts. You don’t need to target everyone, you just need to build relationships with a few key contacts that you can convert into customers.

One way to do this is by joining relevant groups and igniting conversations. This works best when the groups are advice driven. The more that you can demonstrate your expertise in a field, the more people will want to work with you on a long term basis. I’ve seen people increase their sales substantially using this method, so believe me when I say that it works.

Kurt Won is the co-founder of Sales Partners UK



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