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5 realistic items that every quirky office should contain – no slides included

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24 October 2015

Google has old fashioned folding deckchairs, Ticketmaster is proud of its slide and Mind Candy, the company behind children’s game Moshi Monsters and others boasts a wooden tree house. On the more realistic scale, here are five quirky items that can introduce a dash of character to your office.

These days every company working in the digital sphere, in advertising and marketing or increasingly, in a host of other sectors, has to have an office with a least one quirky object stuck in the middle of it.

Matt Rendle has worked in more than his fair share of such places. “I used to be a junior account exec in a pretentious PR company and our office had a fantastically expensive piece of art on the wall that was just a plain black canvass,” he said.

“One day I noticed a temp secretary who didn’t realise this, pinning some notices onto it. Also, the settee in our meeting room was so uncomfortable that one of our clients actually fell off it. We had to pretend we hadn’t noticed.”

With that in mind, here are five things that every quirky office should have:

1. Table football

When the creatives need to let off steam or the testosterone in the office gets too much to bear, it’s time to recreate last Saturday’s big match. There’s lots of shouting, lots of arguing with the ref and very little work done – but the players are still “conceptualising” or cogitating as they play and so they can bill their time pinging the ball around to at least one client.

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2. Meeting rooms with quirky names

“Paris,” “Grapefruit” or “Marilyn Monroe,” – so much more fun that just “Meeting room 1,” or “the boardroom.” Besides, mentioning to a colleague “I’m off to Barcelona,” sounds so much more appealing than “I’ve got a meeting in room 2.3.” On the other hand, “I’m in Porridge until 4pm,” or “I’ll see you in Newport Pagnall for the sales meeting,” doesn’t sound quite as good.

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3. Whacky chairs and settees

They might not be ergonomically perfect, in fact, they’re probably just plain uncomfortable but these days no group of digital strategy consultants can really believe they’re in a meeting unless they’re sitting on a giant pair of lips or a vast corn on the cob talking to a client who’s trying to balance on a massive purple velour hand.

4. A vast, complex coffee machine

Gone are the days when “Would you like a coffee?” meant something instant, horribly bitter and probably only half dissolved. These days every groovy office needs a coffee machine that looks like part of the set of a Stars Wars movie in order to rustle up a couple of half decaf, Fair trade semi-skimmed soya mochas.

5. Meeting pods

It might take the form of the shell of Mini Cooper or a tree house but the venue for quick meetings and creative sessions can’t just have ordinary chairs and a table – unless they’re squashed into a giant coconut or a fake jungle grotto. Every office needs a pod, these days, that’s womb-like and weird. Still, at least that tree house would be good for blue sky thinking.