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5 realistic items that every quirky office should contain no slides included

3. Whacky chairs and settees

They might not be ergonomically perfect, in fact, theyre probably just plain uncomfortable but these days no group of digital strategy consultants can really believe theyre in a meeting unless theyre sitting on a giant pair of lips or a vast corn on the cob talking to a client whos trying to balance on a massive purple velour hand.

4. A vast, complex coffee machine

Gone are the days when Would you like a coffee meant something instant, horribly bitter and probably only half dissolved. These days every groovy office needs a coffee machine that looks like part of the set of a Stars Wars movie in order to rustle up a couple of half decaf, Fair trade semi-skimmed soya mochas.

5. Meeting pods

It might take the form of the shell of Mini Cooper or a tree house but the venue for quick meetings and creative sessions can’t just have ordinary chairs and a table unless theyre squashed into a giant coconut or a fake jungle grotto. Every office needs a pod, these days, thats womb-like and weird. Still, at least that tree house would be good for blue sky thinking.


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