5 reasons to enter the Growing Business Awards

Not a good enough reason, you say? Why bother to apply? Because it’s all about growing your business!

Here are five reasons why you should enter our Growing Business Awards (GBA):

1. Automatic membership of the CBI

The Confederation of British Industry is the UK’s leading business organisation, speaking for some 240,000 businesses from the perspective of leadership. As members of the CBI, GBA winners will be provided with timely business and political intelligence, including:

  • Economic surveys and forecasts;

  • Thought leadership research reports; and

  • Insight to help guide your business decision-making.

2. Building company image

Increase your chances of creating and maintaining a positive brand image. After all, credibility is the number one factor for customers in determining whether they want to do business with you. An award will also serve to give your company name recognition before you’re well-known.

3. Major editorial coverage

Award winners have some incredible media opportunities, from articles and profiling on the Real Business website, to coverage with our media partners, The Financial Mail, Bdaily and Professional Engineering. By splashing your name across the internet, your company will become more visible to consumers and boost potential clients world-wide.

4. The power of networking

Through the GBA you can network with the UK’s best businesses, attend industry events and meet key business figures. Successful GBA candidates will also be invited to an exclusive ?high performance day? at McLaren Racing, hosted by McLaren Applied Technologies MD Geoff McGarth.

5. Growth

All of the above factors will get you noticed, in turn attracting more business. This will increase profits, help you get a firmer foothold in the industry and be the catalyst to throw you into the big league.

Testimonials from GBA winners of 2012

?Above all, this award will give the troops back in Leeds just a sense of achievement and to realize that what they do makes a difference.? – John McArthur, CEO of Tracsis, Company of the Year

?Getting awareness of our services is one of our greatest challenges, so letting people know what we do, and getting the business community to actually give us an award is a huge leg-up on our journey.? – Guy Westlake, head of marketing at Shutl, Digital Champion of the Year

?To win an award like this that is hugely competitive, with so many fantastic companies out there? the whole team are hugely privileged tonight.? – Alastair Mills, CEO of Six Degrees Group, Young Company of the Year

?To the business, winning this award is unbelievable, for our customers and for the people working for us, it just gives them a sense of satisfaction.? – Colin Stevens, founder and MD of Betterbathrooms.com, Entrepreneur of the Year

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