5 small businesses that are killing it on social media

The medium, of course, is social media. From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram to LinkedIn, some of the world?s savviest marketers are reducing their ad budgets and capitalising on the massive crowds available through social media.

We?ve picked out six small businesses that are killing it on social media using simple strategies, effective tactics and real social engagement.

1. OptimalRun

Need a pair of running shoes? Finding shoes that fit is difficult, which is why online retailer OptimalRun offers a useful personalised shoe shopping service to help web users find the perfect shoes.

2. Hawksmoor

London-based steakhouse Hawksmoor is all about the food. That?s why the stylish restaurant?s social media presence has such a great following, despite rarely using any text content in its status updates.

When your product looks (and tastes) this good, who needs to read a description to feel interested? Get the social media results you want by inspiring your followers in the form of food.

3. KissMetrics

When your content is the very best, there?s no need to promote yourself. Online PR and marketing firm KissMetrics has made a name for itself using quality content for webmasters and online marketers.

If you?re involved in SEO, you?ve no doubt heard of the business. If you haven?t, it could be a source of inspiration for your next content-driven marketing campaign.

4. Morton?s Steakhouse

Some companies give out discount vouchers and offers on social media. Others meet their customers at the airport after a long cross-country flight with a sirloin steak on hold and several side dishes to choose from.

When angel investor Peter Shankman sarcastically tweeted that he felt like a steak, the New York branch of Morton?s Steakhouse surprised him at the airport and got a massive amount of social media attention for their trouble.

5. Cupcake Royale

Seattle-based cupcake shop Cupcake Royale has a simple strategy for workout out what to bake for its customers: ask them. The local bakery uses social media to ask customers about their favourite ? and least favourite ? baked goods, then uses their answers to work out its weekly menu.

Matt Fielding is SEO manager of Custard Online Marketing

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