5 tips that will teach you how to delegate effectively

4. Monitor progress

Aka dont micro-manage or be judgemental. However, subtle monitoring doesnt mean abandoning them to their fate either. It is best to agree task completion metrics and time points as well as offer constructive feedback. If coaching or re-orientation is required, it should be the minimum to re-establish the vision and ensure theyve the tools/skills to successfully complete the task.

5. Evaluate performance

Yours and theirs! This is a minefield for managers as confidence and motivation can be easily lost through bungled or clumsy evaluation. Praise is always best! In fact, it’s an almost universal currency since everyone is keen to win recognition. Seek to give it by the bucket-load, especially when evaluating. Even for a poor job, any feedback will be better received if started with the positives any positives!

Robert Kelsey is the author of “Get Things Done: What stops smart people achieving more & how you can change”, published by Capstone.

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