5 top tips to successfully run a business with your beloved spouse

Posh and Becks, Kim and Kanye, Brangelina. The world is full of power couples.  It?s all very well in showbiz, but what happens when a husband and wife team up to start a business in the real world?

Starting up a business with a husband or wife sounds like a recipe for disaster, but some people make it work brilliantly. Famous brands run by married couples include Andy and Kate Spade (who started the eponymous handbag company together), and Lynda and Stewart Resnick are owners of Fiji Water (seen hydrating the most discerning of celebs).

There are approximately 1.4.million businesses run by husband and wife teams in the US according to the Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute, America.

We know for a fact that you can mix business with pleasure, and our their relationship has remained healthier than ever. For us, working as a couple is double the fun ? not double the risk. 

We absolutely love running our business together. Working side-by-side allows us to truly share in the successes and achievements that come from owning our own company.

Building our Avon business up from the ground as a team, makes me know that we could achieve anything together.

Here are our top tips:

1. Talk it through. Then don?t stop talking. Communication is key and it is important you never make assumptions. Just because you?re married, doesn?t make you mind-readers and smoothing out small misunderstandings quickly is the best way to maintain a happy and healthy relationship both in the boardroom and bedroom.

2. Remain individuals. Make sure you have separate, well-defined roles to ensure you both individually contribute to the business. This will leave you feeling fulfilled and with a sense of purpose with your working life. It will also stop resentment seeping in as neither of you will one partner is leaving everything to them / dominating the business.

3. Share your goals. Check in to make sure you are both reaching for the same goal. If you see it staying as a small family-run business whereas he is envisioning global domination, you will soon run into problems. Make sure you have a clear business plan with long-term goals and deadlines and stick to it.

4. Don?t take it personally. He may ask you to re-do the monthly reports and you may criticise his social media strategy, but not seeing eye-to-eye on one aspect in the office doesn?t mean you love each other any less. It?s just business.

5. Keep work and home life separate. Ideally have a separate office / working environment. Giving each other space while on the job is also really important. Working in separate office locations and even driving to work separately can really help to maintain the status-quo of your working life and help you separate it from your home life. Don?t just sit in the living room together with your laptops or else you?ll never be able to mentally leave the office for the evening.

Married couple Nadine and Wayne Rowlands run their Avon business as a partnership. With 2,300 in a team, they turn over ?4.5m a year, earning a salary of ?125,000.

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