5 Twitter mistakes your business should definitely avoid

4. ‘Man, you tweet too much’ vs ‘Where you been?’
There’s no definitive optimum number of tweets a company should be putting out per day. This is completely subjective and depends on the size and nature of the business and how interactive they want and are able to be.

Suffice to say, assuming there is an active desire to engage and some amount of regular industry insight to impart, if there’s something worth tweeting, tweet it. If not, hold fire until there is. Pumping out desperate and mindless drivel in a vein attempt to keep up is as disturbing as having your twitter feed look like it’s been abandoned.

5. No room for nuance
You know that thing where you send an email with the intention of it being funny and it’s read as being rude – that can also happen on Twitter. 

The written word can be hard to wrangle at times and meanings can be easily misconstrued which can lead to hot, deep water. In a word, tweeting when highly emotional is unadvisable.

Henry Lewington is the managing director of WebEden.co.uk.

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