5 untapped markets for UK exporters

4. Thailand

Thailand and the UK have a strong trade and diplomatic relationship, with 870,000 Brits visiting Thailand each year for business or pleasure.

“The Land of Smiles” is the second largest economy in South-East Asia and is projected to continue growing in the near future. Thailand is also a useful hub for entering the rest of south-east Asia thanks to its well-collected airport, comparatively well developed infrastructure and openness to foreign business.

Like most of the countries on this list, Thailand’s growing middle class has a taste for luxury consumer goods which could be met by British firms. There are also valuable opportunities in telecoms, energy and advanced engineering.

A key factor in being successful in Thailand is being cost effective – prices for many things are at rock-bottom when compared with the UK.

While on business to Thailand, be sure to avoid showing disrespect for the King, as this can land you in hot water with the police. It’s also impolite to point at anybody directly with your finger or the soles of your feet.

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