5 untapped markets for UK exporters

5. Brazil

With the forthcoming World Cup and Olympics on the way, Brazil hopes to showcase itself as a country in ascendence to superpower status. The country has been on the world’s business radar for a long time now but there is still plenty of opportunity to dig into.

The RBS report says that Brazil is a great export opportunity for the UK because 41 per cent of Brazilian imports are things that the UK is good at making – such as engineering, oil and gas, and defence.

It also has a large market for IT, with flourishing tech scenes in Sao Paolo and Rio, along with less well-known Recife and Belo Horizonte.

Brazil is a very open country to do business in but there can be some barriers. Brazilian Portuguese is a tricky language to master and the country’s scale can be daunting – Sao Paulo state alone is roughly the size of the UK.

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