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5 ways to boost your business with webinars

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29 January 2015

Webinars are great ways to conduct conferences, collaborate, and are ideal for training purposes – but what are the specific business wins from using webinar? Richard Forsyth explores why webinars have become an attractive proposition for growth.

1.  Manage large client lists

For SMEs, dividing up time amongst a growing client list can be one of the hardest disciplines. Get it wrong and spend too little time per client and you eventually lose them; get it right and your expansion has no limits.

How can you go about managing the time well so you are giving enough of yourself to justify your fee? Of course, you can employ more people and get bigger premises and assets, but this has costs which diminish your returns so the more you can optimise your services the better for your margin.

Webcasts and webinars are great tools for reaching your clients all in one go. With regularly scheduled webinars you can effectively conduct armchair conferences and share your knowledge in one go to your entire client list. This bonds the community of your customers in a way that can make your brand look innovative and commanding.

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2. Provides a platform for lead generation and up-selling

Firstly – the sign-up process to the webinar can give you valuable data capture and can generate new leads if the webinar is open to all. For existing clients, it’s usually a case that if a client is happy with your services they may be open to explore further business support from your company. 

If you were conducting a webinar on a service you can up-sell by promoting events you have organised, announce a new premium service and have a good call to action at the end of the webinar about how to go about finding out more on your service options.

The great thing about webinars is that you can use graphics in your presenting and the mix of visual and real-live presentation can be a potent sales mixture. Spend some time creating a slick webinar slide-deck that captures the imagination and reinforces your message. Don’t make the mistake of simply making the exercise about a sale but don’t be afraid to include information on services.

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3. Conduct valuable market research

Webinars can have diagnostic tools that analyse the way your audience interacts – where people respond, switch off etc. It may provide you with an analytical overview of the areas that are of interest to your clients and also the areas to avoid. It can act as a tool to get to know your customers – simply having your customers close to you will also be a learning experience about them.

4. Gives your brand a service USP

A webinar can provide the opportunity to present a professional, slick presentation which can be perceived as an added value to your service. It will not do your brand any harm to remain in the forefront of view to your clients with visual presentations, walk-throughs or round-ups.

By inviting people to webinars you keep them close as a community and interacting with your brand in a more business-like and focused way than just social media, for instance. A webinar is a special event – promote it six weeks prior to going live, build interest and market it.

5. Saves you money on costs

If ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’ then cost reductions you achieve from webinar can prove a real boost to your balance sheet. As the webinar is virtual – you save money on travelling to clients. You save time and money on repeating information to clients. As an added bonus, you’ll also reduce your carbon footprint.

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Richard Forsyth works for website marketing company Varn Media, which partners with, a professional webinar hosting company based in London.