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5 ways to find the right talent for your workforce

If you own your own business you know how hard it can be to source committed, talented and dedicated individuals who are an asset to your company and worth the investment.

However, searching for the latest talent just got interesting as a nation we have never been so creative, inspirational and hard working. It’s just using the right combination of techniques to ensure your company finds the best of the best.

1. Social media

Social media works differently for all businesses, and the old fashioned amongst us shake our heads at the thought. But the saying goes: “If you can’t beat them, join them”. 

If you’re not already part of the digital revolution, it’s time to get involved. Social media can help your business reach thousands and thus brings a wider source of talent for your company.

There are various platforms that can assist, and some are more appropriate than others, so before you jump in head first make sure you do your homework. Facebook and Twitter are excellent for advertising your job role and gaining feedback from you audience, but these forums tend to be more social than professional.

As a rule of thumb, LinkedIn is possibly the best platform to find out more information on your candidates and whittle them down before requesting an interview. LinkedIn even provides a service where you can actively seek candidates by searching specific keywords, giving you access to thousands of potential candidates at your fingertips.

2. Graduates

Sometimes it’s not experience that the company needs but knowledge and enthusiasm; graduates have this by the bucket load. Remember how eager you were to learn and how hard you were prepared to work when you first entered the rat race Graduates, although they lack in experience and need time invested to nurture them, provide a fresh outlook for your business.

Finding a graduate to fill a position doesn’t have to be hard work either, there are thousands of graduate jobsites for you to advertise your position, as well as graduate fairs and university open days for employers to attend.

If you are to take the graduate route be prepared, you will need a solid introduction program. Continuous time and training will ensure you gain the most from their knowledge, and provide them with the experience they need.

3. Head hunt

On the opposite end of the scale, if its experience you’re after it might be time to headhunt. Not the most ethical of tactics but it’s not personal, its business and you want the best. How do you find who’s the best in your field Do your research, it’s likely that the high quality candidates you’re after will be active online and offline; providing advice in blogs and columns, speaking at events and may even have their own website.

If you want to be effective in your headhunt you need to be tactical. Have a ?wish list” of candidates, know what you want to offer them (it must be better than their current offering) and be prepared to negotiate. 

Be warned though, if you’re prepared to poach staff it may come back to bite you just remember, all is fair in love and war!

4. Agencies

Agencies are excellent if your business is niche; they have databases of thousands of candidates all within the specialist area. They do all the hard work so you don’t have to you tell them what you want, and they line up the prospects ready for you to interview.

Working with an agency often frees up your time as you don’t have to deal with the long search process associated with other options; like headhunting or social searching. 

Most companies don’t have endless hours to spend trawling the internet so having a company at hand to do all this for you is more than useful. It’s wise to interview agencies in your specific niche before you sign up you can find out their proposal and their success rate.

5. The old fashioned way

Probably not the most efficient way to source candidates but it’s definitely not to be ruled out! Finding a candidate the old fashioned way gives you a chance to write your own advert, source your own job boards and interview your own candidates.

Although it may be a longer process, it gives you complete control. The old fashioned way never failed us before, so it definitely for keeps within the candidate search mix.

Gina le Provost is CEO of AP Executive.

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