5 ways to receive positive feedback from your online buyers

If you think about it, would you buy from someone who has less than 90 per cent positive feedback? No, me either. So how can you expect anyone else to? 

To help you get a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy online seller, here are five ways that help you to receive positive feedback.

1. Don?t jump in at the deep end

Get to know your online selling platform before you start listing things. You need to buy some items before you sell as this will get you your first batch of feedback. If you can show that you are a reliable buyer as well as a reliable seller then it will all work in your favour. Always pay on time and offer feedback for your seller too.

2. Don?t overcharge

Just because the price is decided by you it doesn?t mean that you can overprice your items. People often look online for bargains and if they see that you are charging more than the item?s original worth then they will look elsewhere. Remember to charge a sensible price for postage and packaging too, if it only costs two pounds to send it then only charge two pounds. Otherwise you?ll appear greedy and customers won?t want to buy from you.

3. Be on time

When you do eventually start selling items, it?s vital that you send them on time. If the delivery date says Tuesday 4th March, then you need to ensure that the item gets there for that time ? people are impatient when it comes to online shopping so they won?t appreciate a late delivery.

4. Practice your packaging

For example, a book in a thin envelope that?s going to rip and get wet in the post then your buyer is not going to be impressed when it?s finally delivered. Packaging is important, as it protects the item that you?re selling. It also shows that you are the type of seller that takes pride in their items and wants to provide the best service. If an item is delivered and it?s broken then it?s likely that the buyer will not buy from you again.

5. Communicate with your buyers

If you have any issues with your items or the delivery process then it?s important to let your buyers know. They are more likely to understand why a parcel is late if you apologise and explain to them your reasons rather than keeping them in the dark. Communication is key when you are dealing with customers.

So, there you have it, five simple things that you can do to help improve your feedback. Remember to leave other people feedback too, online selling is a community and everyone needs to help each other. Happy Selling!

Written by Louise Clarke, on behalf of My Hermes.

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