5 ways to use your content to stand out from the competition

4. Be everywhere

Don?t just drive people to your content via the community. Bring the information to wherever people expect it and want to consume it. 

One way to do this is to push your content through social channels, with all roads to engagement leading back to the community itself. Keep in mind that 85 per cent of buyers expect content to be optimised for mobile devices, and 56 per cent say they frequently use mobile phones to access content, according to an annual survey from Demand Gen Report. So make sure your user experience is optimised for all devices.

5. Coach your team on all of the above

Achieving these best practices is easier said than done. According to Michiel Schoonhoven, founder of Content Marketing Minds and an expert in helping companies transform to a culture of content and collaboration, these changes will most likely require a culture shift for many marketers. 

Depending on where you are in your content marketing journey, it can take time to get everyone on your team aligned with these approaches. So before you start with the best practices above, make sure the fundamentals of your organisation are in place for this change, and actively coach team members and subject matter experts on their new required habits.

The marriage of content and community seems predestined. By building engaging communities around content, companies are increasing its effect and positioning themselves one step ahead in the struggle to stand out from the crowd. 

A unified strategy not only increases the value and lifespan of the content you work so hard to produce. It ultimately drives greater loyalty, satisfaction and brand affinity among everyone associated with your community.

Wim Stoop is senior product marketing manager at Jive Software.

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