50 companies to watch: 2005

The 50 to Wach 2005. Take a look into our crystal ball: Vodafone is annihilated by The Cloud, Holiday Inns is turned over by Quest Hotels, and Sky loses soccer to a Premier League consortium based on Racing UK’s broadcasting model. Your clothes are fitted to the nearest millimetre by Bodymetrics and digitally enabled by Eleksen. Every car in the world is fitted with an AirJack. And your dog eats better food that you do, courtesy of Pet Project. Some of our 50, like Oxonica, Neoss and Voller Energy, have the makings of global blue chips. Others, like the Easy Drinking Whisky Company, are just damned good fun.

It’s an awesome line up of the nation’s most exciting young firms. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at Smart Holograms, which blew our minds. Click here to meet all 50.

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