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The 50 most disruptive UK companies in 2017: The Future 50

Most disruptive UK companies
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City Sail

City Sail width=Sector: Artificial intelligence
Date founded: 2016
Founders: Yi Xu, Wenchao Zhou
Location: London
Number of staff: 5

City Sail is an artificial intelligence company that extracts facial expression from video profiles to detect characteristic traits, such as passion, confidence and honesty levels.

Its pilot centres are using the technology for recruitment, employee behaviour, customer behaviour, insurance claims honesty and online GP consultation applications.

The business believes its technology will shift the formation and defining of society’s wealth to be tremendously more focused on emotional intelligence and characteristics like empathy, the core of human species intelligence’s difference from machine intelligence.


CodecSector: Marketing
Date founded: 2015
Founders: Martin Adams, Tom Graham
Location: London
Number of staff: 15

Codec is a content marketing platform that uses artificial intelligence to understand people’s interactions with media over time. It aims to offer creatives and strategists a prediction of what audiences care about before they plan content.

By translating social and cultural data into meaningful insights, Codec believes it can provide brand and agency marketers with evidence to make creative content decisions with real impact to win customers and clients.

In time,the business will be scaled to an ongoing subscription model where our clients will pay for access to the platform on half-yearly or yearly basis.


CrowdreachSector: Advertising
Date founded: 2016
Founders: Bradley Green, Rob Wilson, Will Dooley
Location: Bristol
Number of staff: 3

CrowdReach is a crowdfunding advertising agency. Clients are able to track the results in real-time and are only charged on the sales generated through their ads. Over the last six months, the team has worked with some of biggest campaigns on Kickstarter ranging from innovative wallets to cutting edge razors.

Crowdfunding is revolutionising the way businesses bring new and exciting products to market with nearly $3bn being raised on Kickstarter alone. Despite this, the success rate stands at around 35 per cent and the number one issue creators face, according to CrowdReach, is getting their campaigns in front of the right people.


CyberlyticSector: Cyber security
Date founded: 2013
Founders: Stuart Laidlaw, St. John Harold
Location: London
Number of staff: 9

Cyberlytic has developed new software which helps prevent against web-based attacks, such as SQL injection attacks. The software uses machine learning to classify attack data, identify threat patterns and detect anomalies. By analysing web server traffic in real-time, it detects and immediately determines the sophistication, capability and effectiveness of each attack. This information is translated into a risk score to prioritise incident response or initiate an automated response with its Defender product.

Cyberlytic claims its classification approach is more effective at identifying attacks than traditional signature-based security solutions and adapts to new or evolving threats without requiring human intervention.

Dead Right

Dead RightSector: Funerals
Date founded: 2017
Founders: Felicity Stinton
Location: London
Number of staff: 8

Dead Right is an online comparison site of 2000 funeral directors that aims to help people find the cheapest funeral directors in their area.

The business has formulated a ?personalisation ranking” which highlights the differences between funeral directors.

The business intends to become the ultimate destination for people planning funerals to connect with products, businesses and services.

Read on to find out which other inspiring firms“have made the 2017 Future 50 listing of disruptive UK companies



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