The 50 most disruptive UK companies in 2017: The Future 50

Most disruptive UK companies


DocTapSector: Healthcare
Date founded: 2015
Founders: Dan Faber, Alex Hamilton
Location: London
Number of staff: 13

DocTap offers same day, face-to-face GP appointments at clinics across London.

The clinics are located at consultation rooms within pharmacies, which benefit from the increased footfall. GPs work on a part-time basis without compromising on existing commitments.

Receptionists are not required as all reservations are made online and patients check-in on an iPad at the pharmacy.

DocTap charges from £24 for a 15 minute consultation, which it believes is less than half the price of other private providers.


Drenched Sector: Water saving tech
Date founded: 2014
Founders: Wes Sugden-Brook
Location: Doncaster
Number of staff: 2

Drenched designs technology to save water, and its Drenched Volumiser, which retails at £9.99, won the technical enterprise award in the 2016 Pitch@Palace final, where it was viewed by HM the Queen.

The Volumiser is a patented device which fits into a wide range of water outlets and results in over 90 per cent less water usage. It transforms water into an ultra-fine molecular mist which warms on contact with air and skin, saving water, energy and money. Users can wash their hands in just three tablespoons of water.


EchoSector: Healthcare
Date founded: 2015
Founders: Stephen Bourke, Dr Sai Lakshmi
Location: London
Number of staff: 20

Echo is an app that lets you order repeat prescriptions from your NHS GP and get medication delivered to your door. Echo also has smart reminders that tell you when to take your meds, and when you are about to run out.

Echo can connect with any NHS England GP practice, with zero set-up required by you/your GP. Using Echo costs no more than going to a normal chemist, and delivery is free (except controlled items). If you are exempt from prescription charges, Echo is completely free.

Echo’s business model is Deliveroo for meds, working in partnership with community pharmacies.


 flblogogothamonvblkSector: Feminine hygiene
Date founded: 2014
Founders: Martha Silcott
Location: London
Number of staff: 2

FabLittleBag is the first fit-for-purpose sanitary disposal bag. It is designed for convenient, hygienic disposal of tampons and sanitary pads.

Sanitary items are sometimes flushed, blocking sewers and causing environmental pollution. For women who want to avoid this, options have been limited, involving binning items using products designed for other purposes such as toilet roll and nappy sacks.

FabLittleBag offers a solution to this problem. With a patented feature allowing it to be opened with just one hand, it is truly innovative. It is unique in the market as the bags are opaque, sealable with a sticky strip and biodegradable.

Feast It

Feast ItSector: Food
Date founded: 2016
Founders: Digby Vollrath, Hugo Campbell
Location: London
Number of staff: 4

Feast It positions itself as a discovery, comparison and booking platform for the catering industry. The platform works with over 200 restaurants and food traders, including Dirty Burger, Patty and Bun, Le Bun and Hummus Bros.

The idea was born when the founders discovered how archaic the catering industry was, and how it still relied heavily on recommendations and word of mouth. Feast It was born to be a single destination for customers to search and book in a matter of minutes.

The long-term ambition is to expand out the offering to include all elements of the event industry, giving customers a one-stop shop to book everything they need for their next event, from food trucks, to photographers, to clowns.

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