6 amazing things scientists and doctors are doing with smartphones

2. Attachment microscopes

Scientists at UCLA have created a 3D-printed portable microscope attachment that fits on the back of a smartphone. The device can detect viruses and bacteria less than 1,000th of the width of a human hair. By illuminating samples at a 75 degrees angle, researchers have been able to detect HCMV particles ? a virus that can cause birth defects such as deafness and brain damage.

Electrical engineer Aydogan Ozcan has created a microscope specifically for rural doctors that can’t get a hold of advanced medicine. For example, a doctor could take a drop of blood from a patient onto a slide and then load it into the phone-mounted microscope. The phone’s camera will capture an image, ready for diagnosis. Another of Ozcan’s apps reads the results, having run the sample through diagnostic tests, and then interprets them instantaneously.

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