6 amazing things scientists and doctors are doing with smartphones

5. Smartphone satellites

In February 2013, Surrey Space Centre (SSC) launched the world’s first smartphone satellite named STRaND-1. The spacecraft is fully controlled by a Google Nexus device.

Dr Chris Bridges, SSC’s lead engineer, stated:”We haven’t gutted the Nexus. We’ve done lots and lots of tests on it; we’ve put our own software on it. But we’ve essentially got a regular phone, connected up the USB to it and put it in the satellite. This is about looking at the latest technologies that are out there and seeing whether they are up to the harsh challenge of space.”

Indeed, the SSC’s goal is to test whether inexpensive consumer technology could be used in space. The STRaND also carries a number of apps, including a magnetic environment sensor and the now famous ?Scream in Space?.

Only a few months later, NASA launched their own phone-based satellite.

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