6 criminals who turned their lives around

Duncan Bannatyne

3. Duncan Bannatyne

Crime: Attempting to throw a Navy officer overboard and not paying fines

While he was a teenager in the Royal Navy, Duncan Bannatyne spent six months in Colchester military prison for attempting to throw a commanding officer overboard. Banatyne explained that he thought the officer “was an arrogant bully and I was not prepared to stand there and take his abuse”, and that he also tried to discharge himself from the Navy.

He later spent ten days in Glasgow’s Barlinnie prison for not paying a £10 fine in relation to a charge of breach of peace and resisting arrest.

Due to his lack in qualifications, no references and criminal record, Bannatyne found it difficult to find work. After a stint as a deck chair assistant in Jersey, he decided to start hiw own company. The rest is history and look at where he is now!

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