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6 Free Social Media Management Tools For Businesses

free social media management tools

The continuous growth of social media has made it become a crucial digital marketing platform. Over 3 billion individuals around the world use social media which makes it a promising avenue to meet business prospects.

With so many users and choices of platforms to use, one can get overwhelmed navigating this digital space. Read on for an overview of some of the best free social media management tools for businesses.

What is Social Media Management?

Social Media Management is the practice of managing online engagements and information on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, X (Twitter) and LinkedIn. The correct media strategy can help to boost a company’s presence on the internet and reach more target customers.

The person who manages the social media application is called a Social Media Manager. The typical job responsibilities include content creation, content scheduling, data analysis and audience engagement.

Social media managers do beyond just posting on the business’s official handles. Their job is more about thinking about the best strategies and ideas to firmly represent the business account in the digital space. They oversee the posting of relevant media for promotional purposes and continually seek the best pictures/videos of the business

Social Media Management Techniques

Social media administration can be time-consuming and require careful planning to get the best results. Here are a few pointers to consider if you want a successful career in social media management.

Quality First

Consistency is vital to establish a strong online presence within your niche but that is only true with quality content. Ensure your social media content publication process is focused on delivering value instead of just having new posts.

Good content sells itself and attracts more audiences who are willing to share and retweet your business post. You’ll even get more marketing results if your product is high-quality.

The suggested social media management techniques are uploading evergreen content that the audience continually finds useful and providing daily life hacks. You can be certain to keep prospects for the long term by providing them value before thinking of selling to them. Good content is the heart of social media marketing and the best strategy to connect with more potential buyers.

Data Tracking and Analysing

Numbers don’t lie and the underlying analytical data or your social media accounts should be your pointer to whether you’re making progress. Use the embedded analysis tool in your account to observe customer engagement metrics and see which of your business posts are performing well. Analytic metrics can also help location-based marketing.

Programmes like Buffer are excellent tools to grow your audience organically with actionable insights and data metrics. They help in deciding your social media content strategy and make data-driven decisions.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Task automation is another social media management technique that can save you time and effort spent on some repetitive content activities. With the best technologies, you can schedule upload times for new content or automate follow-up emails or messages.

There is also the avenue to integrate with other social media applications and instantly share posts across different platforms at once.

Use Essential Tools

Selecting the best tools is crucial when opting for social media automation. Getting the best social media management software can significantly ease the content creation and marketing process. From scheduling to collecting and analysing data, you’ll be able to get the best results or quickly identify possible solutions.

The best tools for managing your social media will depend on your overall objective. Are you looking to save time? Spend as little as possible? Send a lot of messages or have lower posting needs? Other factors are the price, functionality, user interface and customer support options. Subscribing to the wrong tool is a waste of time and resources. Fortunately, there are lots of free social media tools and some paid ones with free trial options, as outlined below.

6 Best Free Social Media Management Applications

#1 Circleboom Publish

Circleboom Publish is an excellent content management tool for those considering how to ease and automate their social media management process. From the Circleboom Publish dashboard, you can access and control your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Business profile. The software allows you to link and manage many social media platforms.

You can share new posts immediately or schedule for later. Circleboom Publish even allows you to queue scheduling by setting automated time intervals for multiple social media posts.

The dashboard contains integrations of Canva, Unsplash, and Giphy that users can use to organise and edit their social media content. The in-built Canva tool has templates of social media layouts and options for image sizing. Hence, it is possible to enhance your new media posts with quality photographs, animations, filters, effects, typefaces and other editing tools using Circleboom Publish.

Another cool feature is the “Discover Articles” for discovering and sharing outstanding articles from reputed periodicals based on your specific interests. Circleboom Publish also allows you to link numerous RSS feeds to your social media accounts and keep them active even while you sleep.

#2 FS Poster

FS Poster is the next social media management application for businesses with a WordPress website. It functions as a Social Media Scheduler to automatically distribute your WordPress content to generate engagements. You can post to over 15 connected social networks from your WordPress dashboard if you have the FS Poster tool.

FS Poster is a paid social media management tool with a Premium subscription that has unique post features and supports limitless social media accounts on 15 different social networks. There is also the Lite edition but with a limited range of capabilities for small-scale social media management.

Choosing between the Lite or Premium versions is dependent on the size and needs of your company. The FS Poster is an ideal choice for small businesses with basic social media needs. Larger companies with complex social media objectives can opt for the Premium edition.

#3 Buffer

Buffer is a popular social media management tool known for its clean and well-organised dashboard. The application has an impressive feature list for publishing, growing engagements, and getting analytics and team collaboration.

There is also the option to schedule posts and you can always check the queue list for which ones have been uploaded. The analytics feature helps to track user’s audience activity and choose the best moments to post content based on the data provided.

#4 Hootsuite

Hootsuite is another application that allows you to seamlessly search through, schedule posts, and manage your social media accounts. This social media management tool for businesses provides full control of all your accounts from a single dashboard.

Utilising the Hootsuite software can keep your social presence active 24 hours every day through automated scheduling features and multiple integrations with over 150 tools. That guarantees a steady stream of social media benefits which is particularly beneficial for exacting authority on the online marketplace.

Hootsuite also provides essential analytical metrics to evaluate the performance of your content and engagement levels. You’ll be able to see how people interact with your uploads and monitor targeted advertising campaigns. It also allows you to easily monitor audience mentions, hashtags and keywords.

#5 Tweetdeck

Consider getting the Tweetdeck web tool if you want to optimise your online presence on X (Twitter). The Tweetdeck social media management tool connects to your X account to offer access to information like tweets, tags and engagement with posted content. Everything is done from a single interface including automated scheduling of new posts.

Tweetdeck also has a simple user interface and can manage more than one Twitter account. The analytical feature is excellent and your content manager can use it to determine the best time to upload content for the best engagement.

#6 Social Champ

Businesses interested in boosting their digital presence can use the Social Champ tool to manage all their official social media accounts. It is a social media management application with multiple integrations support and compatibility with many platforms like Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, Google Business Profile and YouTube.

Social Champ also has an impressive scheduling feature for new posts with options for bulk uploads, specific time slots, and auto RSS feeds. There is an organised content queuing system with a simple user interface that enables seamless navigation. With the Social Champ dashboard and integrated design tools, you can easily create multiple content as quickly as possible.

The dashboard further has features to edit and use in-app visual connections for design. You can track your social network posts using Social Champ and get real-time analytical data on posted content. You get downloadable PDF reports containing graphs and charts representing your weekly and monthly social media performance.

Although Social Champ has a free social media management plan, it is suitable for only small businesses. The application has three paid plans recommended for bigger companies with unlimited use of the features.

#1 Zoho Social

Growing businesses can also use Zoho Social to boost their brand’s visibility on social media platforms. It is a social media management tool with an organised interface that is easy to navigate and controls all your accounts from one place.

Zoho Social also has a comprehensive analytics toolset for easy tracking of the success of your social media channels. The analytical feature contains Facebook lead ads, CRM connectors and extensive reports on audience engagements. The tool provides insights into how your content performs and helps predict the times your followers are most active to increase views or streams.

There is also a content calendar inside the Zoho Social dashboard to visualise the posting timeline and organise posts. The simple dashboard also contains a scheduling feature to automate content uploads. You can set the time for Zoho Social to upload specific content to keep the account active even when you’re busy.

Individuals or businesses interested in trying the Zoho Social tool can opt for any of the pricing plans. There is a 15-day free trial after which you can pay between $15 to $55 per month as a one-brand business. Bigger companies or agencies with 10 to 20 brands have a $275 to $400 monthly payment plan. All plans have a discount if you decide to pay annually.

#2 SocialOomph

The SocialOomph is an alternative social media management tool for businesses looking to improve their brand’s visibility. It has a 30-day free trial to check out the top features like AI post generation, precise scheduling of new posts, and bulk uploading.

SocialOomph allows integrations with common social media platforms like Discord, Facebook, LinkedIn, and X (Twitter). You can even connect your Bluesky and Mastodon business profiles.

Some additional cool features are the precise scheduling and self-destruction post feature. You can post content that automatically deletes after a specified time to avoid confusing audiences who do not get to see it in time.

SocialOomph also has an automated feature to welcome new prospects and connect with them. The pricing plans are quite affordable and suitable for teams and individuals with social media optimisation goals.

#3 Sprout Social

The next social media management application to consider is Sprout Social with an all-in-one interface. By connecting it to your different business profiles like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you get to enjoy smooth administration and scheduling features.

The Sprout Social features have been designed to meet the business needs of individuals or agencies and connect better with customers. There is a reporting tool that provides analytical metrics on customer engagement metrics. The data provided can be useful in checking your posts with the highest engagement and predicting what marketing or promotional strategies will work best.

Sprout Social is named G2’s #1 Best Overall Software Product for 2024 but one downside is the pricing plan. There is a 30-day free trial with the minimum standard plan at $199 per seat monthly. The advanced plan is set at $399 per seat monthly and enterprises or the bigger companies with multiple brands can reach out for custom quotes.

Which tool are you going to use?

There are numerous social media management tools for businesses that you can utilise to grow and boost your digital presence. Each of them comes with unique functions but some general features like scheduling media uploads, report and analytics data, and seamless integrations with multiple social media platforms.

Therefore, getting the best social media management tool requires you to check out the official website for each tool and compare the offered features to your specific media optimisation goals. You can consider hiring a social media manager if you don’t know where to start.


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