“I’m a contrarian,” says Martin Mutch, the co-founder of Edinburgh-based Rocela, which helps large enterprises such as BP, HBOS and Diageo to buy and install Oracle software. “No one else in my family is an entrepreneur, but I got bitten by the bug.”He set up Rocela in 2002 with former colleague Kenny Wilson. Sales have grown at an annual rate of 159 per cent over the past four years, to £20.6m.

The company has expanded into Singapore and the Czech Republic, and Mutch and Wilson now have their sights set on Australia and the States. The £1.3m that Bank of Scotland invested last year, in return for a ten per cent stake, will help fund their international ambitions.

But Mutch admits he’s not going to be at the helm forever. “An MBO is on the cards,” he says. “I’ve no desire to stay here long term; I’d sooner start up another company.” Oh, and if you’re wondering why the company is called Rocela, it’s an anagram of Oracle. Geddit” www.rocela.com

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