61: Goldtrail Travel

Goldtrail Travel is expecting big things this year. Founded ten years ago by entrepreneur Kadir Aydin, the business has developed into the largest independent UK-to-Turkey tour operator. With a recent turnover of £29.5m, Aydin expects his business to be in the top 20 operators to any destination by the end of 2008. Its 76 per cent growth over the past four years is down, in part, to the surge in demand for package holidays to Turkey and the country’s growing popularity as a location for second homes.

Turkish holidays provide good value for money in comparison to some more traditional holiday destinations such as Spain, where higher EU membership costs and labour costs have pushed prices up. “We have a very low fixed-cost base, matched with a highly flexible business model that allows us to price our products competitively,” says Aydin. “But strong business relationships and local knowledge also provide competitive advantage.”www.goldtrail.co.uk

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