Founded in 1986 by Barry Adams, this West Midlands-based construction company was given a huge boost when it landed a £48m contract to build a new dairy. The two-year project was completed six months ago, and the company is being kept busy with a range of other projects, mainly in the private sector. The company relies a lot on repeat business from the major developers in the region. Adams, who remains the sole shareholder, is supported by three directors, Steve Cutler, Rob Mottram and Martin Head, and 70-odd staff. “We employ a lot of our own people which allows us to do smaller jobs very competitively,” says Head. A&H also wholly owns UK Industrial Roofing and Cladding, which gives it the edge in tendering and helps control margins. The company has never borrowed money or even used its overdraft facility. Growth sits at 52.5 per cent and turnover last year was £60.7m. Head estimates that it will be around the same this year. “We are still recruiting and we’re bubbly and positive,” he says.


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