64% of tech firms active on LinkedIn, but still missing a trick with social media

The result of the annual study by PR and tech agency EML Wildfire showed that half of companies are now more conversational on Twitter, but most of the other channels are still neglected.

The survey, which analysed the activity of the fastest growing tech companies, revealed Facebook usage has plateaued at 68 per cent over the last 12 months, while Twitter engagement levels have doubled.

Debby Penton, director at EML Wildfire, said: ?No other news network has the reach of social media to connect with potential customers all over the world. But as quick as companies are applying the foundations of social media to their organisations, customer expectations are shifting even quicker.

?Not every social channel is relevant for every company, but if you?ve set the page up and are encouraging people to like or follow you, then customers will be expecting some level of engagement and conversation.  And the danger of not doing so can be that a competitor does a better job of nurturing a relationship with your prospect or customer to the detriment of your business.?

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