65: Samitel

Telecoms company Samitel specialises in selling wholesale “communications solutions” such as VoIP and satellite connections to telephony carriers and operators. Operating from its base in London, the company focuses its attention on Africa and the Middle East and has a growing portfolio of clients.

Turnover has grown quickly but sustainably over the past four years, with sales at £11.3m. Ahmed Farah, a founding director of the business, insists the business’s appearance in the Hot 100 is not down to a “spurt”. “Our model is based on quality of service, customer care and price. We send monthly feedback forms to clients and act on their recommendations straight away,” he says.

But when asked in what ways Samitel is better than its competitors, he answers simply: “It’s hard to gauge whether you are better than your rivals; all you can do is be the best possible, then the market will show you how good you are.”  


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