66: AdConnection

AdConnection is a young and fast-growing media planning agency. In other words, it tells its clients which media their target markets read, watch and listen to, then advises them on a campaign of advertising and buys the ad space for them. 

Founder and managing director Declan Reddington is so confident about his business that he welcomes talk of a slowdown in the economy. “Nobody wants the economy to plod along, but it presents opportunities for a business such as AdConnection. People start looking around for the smartest ways to advertise, and we offer better pricing and more innovative ideas than the organisations we compete with.”

Reddington is proud of his team, too, and says it’s down to them that most sales leads come from referrals. Turnover tipped £7m in its last financial year, but Reddington is confident £11m is achievable this year.


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