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7 best tech gadgets from London’s Wearable Technology Show

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From the world’s first intelligent headset to smart sunglasses, here are seven of the best gadgets from the show.

1. Intelligent Headset

The world’s first headset with 3D audio, Intelligent Headset, features motions sensor technology. With it, the user can rotate their head to hear music playing from different sides, depending on the wearer’s location and head position. Using a specifically designed app, users can feel like they are in the middle of a concert or a band through the creation of a virtual room that the app generates.

2. Kiroco

Kiroco is the first interactive smartphone jewellery range. The jewellery uses interactive NGC technology to deliver messages to smartphones. Users can download the free app to send videos, photos and messages to each other’s jewellery which has to be tapped on a smartphone device to enable the messages to appear.

3. AiQ smart clothing

The clothing manufacturer has created thin stainless steel fibres weaved through the fabric of the clothes, enabling a variety of smart features.
A top is currently available to the public with wiring running across the chest which can be used to monitor a person’s heart rate during training.
But AiQ has another concept designed to measure much more than that. The future prototype will measure the user’s stress level, fat content and muscle strength as well as anything else that uses current through the skin.

4. SunSprite

The little device is a light and UV exposure meter designed to treat and monitor seasonal affective disorder, a condition which can trigger depression and negative effects if a person does not get enough bright light exposure through the eyes. The sensor is solar powered and connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

5. Snapwatch

Based on the 1980s and 1990s Slap Bracelet concept, Snapwatch pairs a flexible display to a snapband which forms a fitted bracelet when struck against the wrist. Although only a prototype, the company is planning to bring these bracelets back into fashion, with a smartwatch technology twist.

6. Kopin Golden-i 3.8D

The headset device is an advanced wearable computer, built around an Android smartphone without cellular connectivity.
Kopin runs Android 4.2 complete with a custom Skype and interface, a 14-megapixel camera and voice command. It costs $1,500.

7. SunnyCam

The HD sunglasses have a built-in camera which can take photos and videos, while the microphone can record sound. SunnyCam features polarised lenses which can suit users interested in capturing videos or images while practicing sports.
But they can also be used by security guards or people who want to record everything they see.

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