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8 best and worst social media campaigns

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Social media can do wonders for any business, but when it backfires, the problem becomes all too public.

1. British Gas

In October 2013, British Gas decided to hold a #AskBG open Twitter Q&A. The problem: they hiked their energy prices by ten per cent on the same day, making their company’s customer service director, Bert Pijls, a sitting target for angry customers.

Tweets included:

  • “#AskBG My office has a window where the sun comes in and makes the side of my head really hot. How much do I owe you?”
  • “#AskBG Have you considered changing your corporate slogan to something a bit more honest?”
  • “#AskBG would it be ok to burn the corpses of your board of directors when I can’t afford heating?” and
  • “Can’t see this going horribly wrong! < @BritishGas: Customer Services Director Q&A about price rise at 1-2pm. Tweet questions to #AskBG”

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