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8 signs that you need to change careers and kiss your 9-5 goodbye

Before I took the leap, I had to re-evaluate myself. I wanted to make a career change but to be honest, I was a bit scared to step-up. I soon realised that I was getting in my own way of progression why” Because of the types of conversation I was having with myself. We can often be dismissive and quick to diminish our own self-worth.

How many times have you talked yourself out of opportunities” How many times have you told yourself you are not good enough or just lacked self-belief to go for what you really want in life Don?t deprive yourself of your goals and aspirations any longer, it’s ok to be different and do things your way.

If you are at a careers cross road, no matter where you are in the corporate chain, here are eight signs you need to say goodbye to?your 9-5.

1. You?re unhappy on a daily basis ? Everyday feels like blue Monday and Friday is the best day of the week because it’s the last. You hate being at your job and you are only there because you have to pay your bills. You live for the weekends and holidays and dread when Monday rolls around.

2. Dark mornings ? When you first started, you used to bounce out of bed, now it takes everything within you to get yourself moving. You feel down and depressed, lack energy and drive, and get that horrible sinking feeling in your stomache at the thought of going into work.

3. You?ve out grown the job ? You don’t feel like you are learning any new skills and it’s no longer challenging you. In fact, you feel like your job is de-skilling you and you only stay there because its comfortable.

4. You are first place in the rant-athon ? You are always ranting and complaining about your job, at every chance you get. The dislike for your job has taken you over, whether you are with family, friends, out for dinner, at the gym or walking your dog you can’t help but moan about your job because you feel, unappreciated, undervalued and unhappy.

5. Lack of passion ? Your passion has been replaced with boredom. What once excited you about your role, is now boring you mindless. You finish your work ahead of time and end up surfing the net.

6. Unhealthy habits ? You are not sleeping well, you don’t have much of an appetite or are over eating. You find yourself turning to drink or drugs as a way to escape and turn down invitations to meet up with friends and family as you?d rather stay at home with a bottle of wine, or just want to hideaway.

7. Snappy and stressed out ? You?ve turned into an angry stress head, usually cool and calm, you find yourself becoming increasingly irritated and angry. Even the small stuff, you wouldn?t (usually) have batted an eyelid at, has got you biting people’s heads off. You?ve been snapping at everyone at home and at work and your patience with your boss and senior officials is wearing thin.

8. You?ve seen the light ? Fear is no longer holding you back.You know you were destined for something else, but fear has kept you from making the change. You keep telling yourself, if it isn’t broken you don’t have to fix it, but deep down you desperately want to make a change and step out of your comfort zone into your greatness!

Ebony Gayle is the author of How To Become A Consultant; A Guide To Free Yourself From The 9-5 Paperback and eBook available from Amazon eBook version only: iBook, Google Play, Barnes & Noble and other online platforms.


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