ITRS has managed to create that rare product: one that lends itself to a booming financial market and to a downturn. The £8.1m-turnover company, which has grown 38.7 per cent during the past four years, sells IT systems to financial services companies. ITRS founder Stephen Bates says: “In a booming market, people need the product to make sure trading systems are working properly. In a downward market, people buy it because it minimises risk and increases efficiencies.” While Bates would love to claim ITRS always intended to develop a recession-proof solution, he says the reality is it was borne out of a need in the investment banks to manage IT and deliver serious efficiencies. “We want to further develop the existing product –and get more new customers,” he adds. “We had a record year in terms of business and many of our new customers came from recommendations. It’s difficult to predict growth at such times but the pipeline is looking good.”

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