83: CSW Group

CSW has benefited from being in a niche of its own. The company, which develops “cradle to grave” health record systems, has won major contracts with the NHS and is in partnership with giants such as BT and Logica.

Its systems are designed to be shared across all major medical institutions, such as hospitals, GP surgeries, clinics and mental health wards. They offer medical professionals a comprehensive view of a patient’s medical history. They can also be used in drug trials or newly approved medicines to track success rates and possible side effects, helping the evolution of new drugs.

“We’re a small company getting very large contracts. They’re pretty much the only contracts in our market currently, and our relationship with BT helped us win many of them. Our technology props up BT’s delivery systems,” says CSW managing director John Chelsom.

Founded in 1989, the business brings in sales of £8.2m and is set to reach a £20m turnover in the next two years. Chelsom says this could increase if the UK market opens up again, or if the business’s expansion plans in the US takes off.


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