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85by55: Chatroulette meets LinkedIn

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26 March 2012

Forget trying to make business contacts on LinkedIn or Facebook – Shed Simove's new online networking site, 85by55, is the new place to meet other business people.

Real Business columnist Shed Simove has launched a new startup: 85by55.

85by55 – named after the standard size of a business card in millimetres – offers a platform for people in business to meet new business contacts, face-to-face, over video chat.

Each 85by55 “meet” is random and lasts strictly two minutes. The fixed time limit is imposed so that both parties cannot “click off”, and is designed to give time for a meaningful interaction.

After each “meet” on 85by55, users can easily connect on their social networks.

Users will only meet new people, and the 85by55 platform also allows the option to hone who a user meets through a filter option that allows users to specify keywords and a location.

“85by55 is the lovechild of Chatroulette and LinkedIn,” says Shed Simove, 85by55’s CEO. 

“Our feature-rich platform offers any business person the engaging predictability of not knowing who they’ll meet next, with the predictability of knowing that the person they meet will be a professional who could enhance their business.

“Quite simply, making connections with other professionals makes business happen – and if you’re not on 85by55, you’ll be missing exciting opportunities!”

Give 85by55 a try here or watch a demonstration below: