88% of Brits believe texts and calls are being monitored

The research, sponsored by Silent Circle and conducted by OnePoll, revealed that a shocking 88 per cent of UK workers believe their calls and texts are being listened to. 

When asked if they’d buy a phone, or subscribe to a service, that protected calls/texts from eavesdroppers, a third of Germans (33 per cent) would happily sign up, whereas 23 per cent of Brits would happily fork over some cash to end their privacy concerns.

Vic Hyder, revenue chief for Silent Circle suggests that these figures “confirm that many consumers recognise mobile communications are no longer private. It’s also reassuring that almost a quarter of the UK respondents, and a third of Germans, value their privacy enough to acquire assistance. 

“This is a trend we’re seeing dramatically increase as individuals start to realise that they do have an option to privacy erosion.”

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