9 leading companies commit to carbon footprint products

In partnership with the Carbon Trust.

The draft standard will measure the embodied greenhouse gas emissions in products and services.

The new partners and products are as follows:

  • Aggregate Industries – Hard landscaping products (paving stones etc);?
  • Cadbury Schweppes Cadbury Dairy Milk bars;
  • Coca-Cola A sparkling beverage and a still beverage from its product range;
  • The Co-operative Group 200g and 400g punnet Strawberries;
  • Halifax Halifax Web Saver Account;?
  • Kimberly-Clark Andrex Toilet Tissue and Huggies nappies;
  • Marshalls Hard landscaping products (paving stones etc);?
  • Mu03cbller Dairy (UK) Limited One type of yoghurt from its product range; and
  • Scottish & Newcastle Fosters Lager and Bulmers Original Cider.
The new pilot partners will use the draft standard to calculate the embodied carbon emissions of selected products. It is the intention of the partners to reduce product carbon emissions and to work together with the Carbon Trust to explore the best way to communicate this information to consumers. 

Climate change minister Joan Ruddock, commented: “The take up from business of the Carbon Trust’s scheme shows that there’s real appetite and willingness to firstly understand, and secondly to reduce the impact that their products have on our planet. It is encouraging that so many leading companies are stepping up to the plate on this.”

The Carbon Trust and Defra are working with BSI British Standards to develop a standard based on a method for measuring the embodied greenhouse gas emissions from products and services across their lifecycle that will be applicable to a wide range of sectors and product categories. The development of the standard is being overseen by an independent Steering Group chaired by Jim Skea, Director of the UK Energy Research Centre, with members from businesses, NGOs, government and academia. 

The Carbon Trust launched the carbon reduction label in March 2007 with Walkers, Boots, and innocent, to communicate the embodied emissions of their products and a commitment to reduce their product’s emissions over a two year period. If the emissions are not reduced over this period the label will be removed. The label now appears on all flavours of Walkers crisps and on point of sale materials for the Botanics range of shampoos in Boots stores nationwide. Innocent drinks currently displays the label for their mango and passionfruit smoothie on their website and is working with the Carbon Trust to provide information across their entire smoothie range.

For more information on the draft standard’s development, please visit www.carbontrust.co.uk 

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