91: NSC Group

NSC Group is a small business with a potentially huge product. It has dedicated itself to the development of a single piece of software for three years and, according to founder Howard Sherrington, this investment of time is starting to pay off.

The product helps to ease the pain of mergers and acquisitions. In many cases, the two companies involved have different systems in place, and the acquiring company must fork out to maintain the licences of the acquired business so it can continue to use its data.

NSC’s product allows users to read data without renewing software licences, potentially saving them millions of pounds, says Sherrington. “We just released it, so sales have gone up. We expect them to double next year.”

Not bad, considering last reported sales are £51.3m. He believes his product is unique, which is a blessing and a curse. “Because we don’t have any competition, no one knows this technology exists, so we have to spend a fortune on marketing. That’s why I’m talking to you now,” he laughs.


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